Our Vision: Empowering Businesses to Win by the BEST Solutions for Leaders Finding the right MATCH is our core value This is where Professionalism and Commitment stand

Leadership Solutions is a premier Hong Kong-based talent search and recruitment company dedicated to serving the Asia Pacific market. At Leadership Solutions, we listen, we understand and we manage your human resources needs through an unparalleled selection of the very best caliber which often exceeds your expectation. With a team of professional consultants, our company mainly specializes in the banking, insurance, information technology, professional services, property development and property management sectors. We strive to serve our clients with our passion, dedication, and resourceful expertise while we also pride ourselves to offer the best solutions to cater for their utmost needs.

Our vision is to actualize the right MATCH for our clients! Not only do we empower our clients' competitiveness by helping to manage their staffing challenges, we also assist our candidates to find their very own right match.

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About Us

Our Company

Since its inception in 2003, Leadership Solutions has been dedicated to providing the best quality middle to senior level executive search service to a wide range of multi-national corporations across different industries, mainly banking, insurance, information technology, professional services, property development and property management, in regional as well as local settings. We have since then successfully searched and recruited numerous talents for our clients, consistently impressing them with our professionalism, speed and ability to find the best fit of skills, thereby establishing our reputation in the industry through time. It is believed that our dedicated and personal approach as business partners best serves the needs of our clients, while the excellent industry background and knowledge of our Search Consultants enabled us to provide excellent career advice to help enhance the career status of our candidates. With our mission to actualize the right MATCH for our clients, we have never ceased to offer the best solutions to cater for our clients' human resources needs and meanwhile paving a better future for our candidates.

Our Vision

Empowering Businesses to Win through our BEST Solutions for Leaders. Finding the RIGHT Leaders is the most critical successful factor in today's competitive business world.

Our Mission

Finding the "BEST fit" for our clients! Searching for the right candidate who is a best fit for client openings is undoubtedly our mandate while finding the right candidate for the right company is at all times the most challenging for most of the human resources staff. Hence, we pride ourselves to be your premier partner to actualize the right MATCH which does not only manage your resources issues but meanwhile vastly increased the staff retention rate for a longer term benefit.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to search for the outstanding candidates from the market who will be a valuable asset to our clients bringing in the matched qualifications, skills and persona. Our service does not end with the appointment of the right caliber, we also provide professional advice to our clients on succession planning and interim recruitment of expertise on a shorter term to help solve their immediate resources needs, thereby offering them a peace of mind from their recruitment's hassles.

Acquisition of Affluenz Consulting

Through the acquisition of Affluenz Consulting at the end of 2010, our company has by far gone beyond our local arena to expand into the Region. Building on a strengthened base, we are constantly looking into the Asia market to cover support our global clients. We believe by tapping on the regional market, we have unquestionably expanded our base of quality candidates with a diversified background and expertise for an even wider choice for our clients.

Our Team

Our Executive Management Team and Key Consultants

John Suen

John Suen     


John has over 30 years' professional experience working in the financial service, Hi-Tech and management consulting industries. He is a veteran in strategic and general management. As senior executives, he'd led strategy, operations and IT in leading international banks, top tier domestic financial institutions, Hi-Tech vendor and global consulting firm in the region.

Prior to this, John was the Asia Regional COO and CIO in AIG managing the consumer finance operations as well as the IT functions in six Asia countries.

Alfred Li

Alfred Li


Alfred holds a degree in Marketing and a MBA in Business Administration from Hull University. He has over 30 years of management experience in the financial services industry covering insurance, banking and credit card business. Prior to joining Leadership Solutions, Alfred was the first Vice President and Head of Insurance and MPF for China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited.

His area of expertise is in the search for middle and senior management executives for banking and insurance companies.

Rita Yu

Rita Yu     

Principal Consultant

Focusing on staff recruitment, training and coaching areas, Rita has 20 years of experience in Business Development, Telemarketing Management, Call Center and Customer Service management from the Information Technology and publishing industries. Prior to joining Leadership Solutions, she had held a management position in a leading Listed Company.

Rita specializes in the search of IT Professional from all levels in Business Development, Customer Service and Call Center specialists.

Frank Lam

Executive Director

Frank Lam has over 25 years of IT experiences in various multi-national life insurance companies. He specializes in IT management consultancy services.

LS Ho     

Principal Consultant

LS is an experienced Executive Search Consultant for Senior level positions of diversified industries focusing in Insurance, Information Technology, Property Development & Management, Professional Services for HK & China, demonstrating professionalism in sourcing quality candidates for clients and assisting candidates in developing and advancing career in new platforms.

Before taking up the Executive Search role, she had been working as in-house HR Head for Asia Pacific /Greater China for over 15 years in various MNCs including Hewlett Packard and Philips, in Strategic Staffing, HR business partner or HR generalist function.

Andy Tse

Andy Tse     

Partner, Talent Acquisition

Andy Tse has over 35 years as a business runner in IT business management both in service delivery and sales. Other than operation management of a company, Andy's domain industry is in financial line, airline, university and Government. Andy is also an expert in Oracle/PeopleSoft ERP, Microsoft ERP, IBM banking solutions, Stock Exchange trading platform,Risk/Fraud, etc.

Regarding new trend of technology, Andy is very updated in Big data, Cloud computing and Blockchain.

Our Services


Top leadership is inevitably an important strategic asset. Leadership Solutions provides a wide range of board level search services including board level search, selection, development, succession and effectiveness. As nowadays business has gone regional or even global as far, our expertise team also works in a similar way without bounderies to search for board level candidates from any parts of the world through our extensive networks.

Having a strong board leadership in a company is crucial to its success and development. We are ready to provide a professional board candidate search and selection service by riding on our wealth of knowledge, networks and industry insight as to understand and analyse the potential change in the business environment which impacts the company's strategies as time changes. In short, we do not only seek and select, we also help the clients to plan for their future potential changes.


It is of no doubt that a top leadership is crucial to a company's success which therefore explains searching for the right leadership with the right mind becomes our important challenge.

We have our dedicated subject matter experts on C-level leadership who will put forward our in-depth knowledge of the market conditions and expertise to find the C-level executives with backgrounds and skills that align with the company's specific needs. Not only do we have the in-depth knowledge of the specific industry, we are experts who know the industry, the talent issues the clients are facing in their specific industry and what kind of person will be best fitting into the culture of the company.


Having the right top leadership as said is crucial, however, a company's success does not only originate from the top. Every talent in a company do count for a company's success. With our vision to actualize the right MATCH for our clients, we strive to search for the outstanding candidates who will be a great match to our clients bringing together with them the matched qualifications, skill sets and character. We therefore do not only manage your resources issues but meanwhile vastly increase the staff retention rate for a longer term benefit.

In addition to the appointment of the right caliber, we also provide professional advice to our clients on succession planning and interim recruitment of expertise on a shorter term to help solve their immediate resources needs, thereby offering them a peace of mind from their staffing hassles.

As a strategic adviser, we are also committed to providing market intelligence, insights and professional advice to our clients. Working closely with them from debriefing to contract signing with the right caliber, our personal approach has usually exceeded their expectations.

Our personal approach is detailed below:


We mainly specialize in the search and recruitment of talents from middle to senior management in the following industry sectors: banking, insurance, telecom, Information Technology, professional services, property development and property management. For functional leadership roles, we are expertise in the Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Technical Professional (such as Electrical & Mechanical Engineering) sectors.

Consultative Approach

Instead of providing a mere name list for our clients, we are dedicated to provide our professional advice, market insights and judgement based on our expertise and experience. We emphasize on analysing the details of a prospect not just qualifications being put on papers. Once a prospect is selected, an in-depth interview will be conducted personally aiming to not just understand the prospect's qualifications and background, their working ethics and career ambition are the core values which are inevitably as important as the qualifications.

For a constant improvement of our services, our clients' satisfaction is always at our top priority and hence a Client Satisfaction Survey will be conducted after the deal was closed as a continuous evaluation of our performance and quality of services.

Adaptive Approach

We often charge our fees on a contingency basis, up to 30% of the annual cash package of the successful candidate(s) depending on the seniority of the executives. Given with different partnership models, we acknowledge the need however to tailor our pricing scheme(s) and other terms and conditions to suit the client's specific requirements. We strongly believe that being adaptive is the key to a win-win and sustainable relationship between us and our clients.

Our Search Process

Step 1: Define Objectives and Specifications

  • Ensure a full understanding of client's business and culture.

  • Obtain the client’s consensus on the position's scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships and profile of the desired executive.

Step 2: Identify, Shortlist and Interview Candidates

  • Identify and confirm target sources using proprietary database and network of contacts.

  • Carry out initial screening and in-depth interviews of the potential candidates.

  • Short list candidates to be interviewed by the clients.

  • Submit detailed profiles and evaluation reports on the short-listed candidates.

  • Facilitate the client’s interview of chosen candidate(s).

  • Obtain feedback from the client and candidate(s).

Step 3: Finalize Selection

  • Facilitate the client’s selection of the successful candidate(s).

  • Provide professional advice on the offer, negotiation and acceptance process.

Step 4: On-going After-Deal Support

  • Obtain the client’s feedback.

  • On-going following up with the client and the new appointee which can last up to a maximum of three months after the deal was closed.


In addition to the talent search services, we are also distinguished ourselves from the market in our collaborative and flexible approach of offering IT Consulting & Development Service to our clients, thereby offering them a more streamlined and efficient way to maximize their results in reduced costs and head-counts. Placing qualified IT professionals in a company does not only solve the clients' operational needs in reduced costs, it also offers a solution to optimize their service levels as well.

With an extensive IT professional consultants and contacts in Hong Kong, we are experienced to identify and send in high calibre IT individual consultant for program/project management, system development and IT infrastructure. Riding on our consultant's strong financial services background, IT and operations know-how, we are specifically strong in delivering the right IT consultants to meet our clients' business needs and goals with satisfaction. The strong relationships we have built over the years with our clients are not only a testimonial to our reputation in the financial services and IT consulting industries but also in the quality of our consultants and the service they delivered.

Our professional and end-to-end servicing approach ensures not only a hassle-free deployment of our IT consultants at our clients' companies, it also helps to reduce the clients' costs involved in the tedious project resourcing related tasks.

Our IT Consulting & Development Service covers :

  • Systems Architecture
  • Program/Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Development and Maintenance
  • Systems Delivery
  • Quality Assurance
  • Systems and Cyber Security
  • Infrastructure

Hot Jobs

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There are many other openings from Financial Services, Information Technology, Professional Services, Property Development, Property Management and other industries from time to time. If you are looking for a change in your career, talk to us or simply send us your CV at acc@leader-solutions.com. Right MATCH is our core mission. Our consultant will study your profile, expertise, desire and refers you to the right opportunities.

Company News

Dec 2016

Awarded by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business with the support of the Vocational Training Council and 50 more business associations, Leadership Solutions was recognized with the Partner Employer Awards for the Year 2016/2017. The award has best demonstrated our corporate social responsibility by hiring graduates and students of local technical institutes and universities, giving such graduates training opportunities and practical work experience so that they may learn and develop professionalism and positive working attitudes while bringing to enterprises a new approach to help them with long term personnel planning.

Dec 2015

Received Partner Employer Awards for the Year 2015/2016.

Dec 2014

Received Partner Employer Awards for the Year 2014/2015.

Dec 2013

Received Partner Employer Awards for the Year 2013/2014.

Dec 2010

Acquisition of Affluenz Consulting.

Through the acquisition of Affluenz Consulting at the end of 2010, our Company has expanded into the financial and information technology sectors in the Region aiming to tap into the Asian market.

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